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OUR COMPANY Reggie D. Millette enjoys serving the horticultural community through both writings and images. 'By using our services you will have images that will satisfy your requirements with a minimum of delay and effort. Our data bank of photos includes thousands of images of plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and garden scenes. We are constantly adding to our library. No matter what medium you require we will endeavour to satisfy your needs quickly and efficiently. Fast answers,...


New name for Chamaecyparis nootkatensis

September 29th 2015

Thinks to know; Formerly known as Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, Xanthocyparis has now been proposed for conservation as the genus name with a ratification vote expected to take place at the 2012 meeting

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CALIFORNIA SPRING TRIALS 2015 – Terra Nova® Nurseries

May 6th 2015

Today we'll talk about the 2015/2016 selections of Terra Nova Nurseries company. These breeders from Oregon are present at the California Spring Trials for the last three years. We can admire their perennials, mostly heucheras and heucherellas. But now this Oregon company is embarking on the commercialization of coleus, as if we lacked this type of plants on the market. I realize that the offer of perennials is becoming more restricted...

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I have to confess, I love you, Reggie! Things are so busy here – you are such a help. Sue Vargas Mastertag

February 6th 2015

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