Coccothrinax crinita (Old Man Palm)

Coccothrinax crinita - Solitary, Slow growing, 2 to 10 metres high, (7 to 33 ft.) its trunk completely covered with long hair like fibers., stems 8 to 20 centimetres in diameter, (3 to 8 inches). It appears bigger because of the the thick hair covering. Leaf detail: Palmately compound, 15 to 25 almost circular leaves, green above, dull gray below. 38 segments, with split tips, up to 5 feet in diameter (1.5 m). unarmed, 3 feet long (90 cm). Flower: dioecious, (male and female flowers on separate plants), yellow flowers. Flower stalk coming from among the leaves, 5 feet long. Family: Arecaceae  

Coccothrinax crinita (Old Man Palm) 1

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