Valarie McDonald

Lavandula Grosso (Lavender) (4)

Scleranthus biflorus (Moss) (2)

Scleranthus biflorus (Moss) (1)

How to protect grapes from birds (1)

Clematis paniculata (Clematis) (1)

Hebe odora (Hebe)

Clematis Prince Charles (Clematis) (3)

Hebe Pageii (Hebe) (1)

Hebe Pageii (Hebe) (1)

Hebe menziesii (Hebe)

Viola Purpurea (Violet) (1)

Hippeastrum Belladonna (Amaryllis) (1)

Physocarpus Luteus (Ninebark)

Physocarpus Luteus (Ninebark)

Mazus Albus (Mazus) (1)

Pyrus Red Bartlett (Pear) (3)

Camellia Nuccio's Cameo (Japanese Camellia) (1)

Mazus radicans (Swamp Musk, Creeping Mazus) (2)

Catalpa speciosa (Catalpa) (1)

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