Ratibida pinnata (Pinnate prairie coneflower) (1)

Ratibida pinnata (Pinnate prairie coneflower) (1)

Aronia melanocarpa (Black Chokeberry) (1)

Senna aka Cassia hebecarpa (Wild Senna) (2)

Coreopsis Nana (Tickseed)

Hemerocallis Purple de Oro (Daylily) (6)

Canna Australia (Canna lily) (5)

Colocasia Midnight (Colocasia)

Russelia equisetiformis (Firecracker plant)

Picea Pendula Bruns (Serbian spruce Mountain Spruce conifer) (4)

Arctostaphylos vancouver jade (Bearberry) (1)

Arctostaphylos Vancouver Jade (Manzanita) (1)

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