Pam Hoffman

Pam Hoffman love of gardening, and green thumbs, were inherited from my Mother and Grandmother. She grows, sells, and hybridizes daylilies that thrive in a Northern climate. We're sure you've heard the stories of our Buffalo Winters ... well, they're pretty much true. Though the daylilies usually survive our winters under a foot or so of white mulch. She is an active member and past officer, of BADS (Buffalo Area Daylily Society).


Hemerocallis Emerald Starburst (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Open Hearth (Daylily) (11)

Hemerocallis Dragonfly Dreams (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Dragonfly Dreams (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Dragonfly Dreams (Daylily) (2)

Hemerocallis Dragon Dreams (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Dragon Dreams (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Wee Wizard (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Forgotten Dreams (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Spiritual Corridor (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Wild One (Daylily) (8)

Hemerocallis Wild One (Daylily) (11)

Hemerocallis Wild One (Daylily) (11)

Arisaema triphyllum (Jack-in-the-Pulpit) (11)

Hemerocallis Lime Painted Lady (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Orchid Corsage (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Rainbow Towers (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Cottage Cove (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Baby Blue Eyes (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Maude’s Valentine (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Vertical Horizon (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Vertical Horizon (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Yazoo Wild Violet (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Tennessee Flycatcher (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Almost Paradise (Daylily) (2)

Hemerocallis Brer Rabbit's Baby (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Blueberry Cream Swirls (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Mephistopheles (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Mask of Eternity (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Big Dolly (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Tangerine Horses (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Fancy Face (Daylily) (4)

Hemerocallis Magic of Oz (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Witches Wink (Daylily) (2)

Hemerocallis Witches Wink (Daylily) (2)

Hemerocallis Yabba Dabba Doo (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Yellow Mammoth (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Tri-Colored Bite (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Walter’s Tango (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis All American Chief (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Baby Moon Cafe (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Chokecherry Mountain (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Charon the Ferryman (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Cat's Cradle (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Black Eye (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Black Eye (Daylily) (1)

Hemerocallis Zoot Sims (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Awesome Applique (Daylily)

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