Marietta Paternoster Garr

Marietta Paternoster-Garr is busy writing gardening articles, lecturing on horticulture, collecting photographs that record her travels from all over the world except Antarctica and she is a Master Gardener. Her private gardens containing a 1000 different varieties of plants.

Pardancanda Sangria (candy lily)

Pinellia Free Tibet (Green Dragon)

Pachystachys lutea (Lollipop plant and golden shrimp plant) (7)

Diervilla Kodiak Orange (Bush Honeysuckle) (3)

Ilex Sky Pencil (Holly Buxus) (10)

Ficus Chicago Hardy aka Bensonhurst Purple (Common Fig, Edible Fig) (1)

Kniphofia Candlelight aka Candle Light (Torch Flower Poker)

Iberis Absolutely Amethyst (Candytuft) (3)

Leycesteria Golden Lanterns (Himalayan Honeysuckle)

Lycium Crimson Star (Goji Berry) (3)

Miscanthus Malepartus (Maiden Grasses Ornamental Grass) (11)

Liriope Okina (Lily turf) (2)

Iris Red Velvet Elvis (Iris louisiana) (1)

Iris Red Velvet Elvis (Iris louisiana) (1)

Cephalotaxus Duke Gardens (cow's tail pine plum yew conifer)

Verbena Superbena Sparkling Ruby (Verbena) (3)

Tanacetum Isla Gold (gold leaf tansy )

Stachys Mighty Velvet aka Bello Grigio aka Bella Grigio (Alpine Betony Lamb's-Ears) (3)

Pulmonaria Silver Bouquet (Lungwort) (1)

Rudbeckia Prairie Sun (Black-eyed Susan) (3)

Solidago Fireworks (Goldenrod) (8)

Tsuga Moon Frost (Canadian Hemlock Conifer) (2)

Vitis Neptune (grapevine grape vine)

Malus Jonagold (Apple tree) (3)

Malus Northern Spy (Apple tree)

Lilium Broken Heart (oriental Lily) (2)

Euphorbia Blackbird (Spurge, Cushion) (1)

Cornus Golden Showers (Dogwood)

Cornus Silver Charm (Dogwood)

Cornus First Lady (Dogwood)

Prunus Romeo (Cherry tree, cherry) (3)

Cercidiphyllum Morioka Weeping (Katsuratree Judas-tree) (1)

Cercidiphyllum Morioka Weeping (Katsuratree Judas-tree) (1)

Carya ovata (shagbark hickory) (8)

Carya ovata (shagbark hickory) (8)

Convallaria Variegata (Lily of the Valley)

Cunninghamia Glauca (China fir)

Curcuma alismatifolia (Siam tulip)

Citrus reticulata (Tangerine)

Campanula White Clips (Bellflower)

Angelonia Archangel Purple (Snapdragon)

Canna Australia (Canna lily)

Acer Stand Fast (Norway Maple)

Armeria Rubrifolia (Sea Thrift)

Aquilegia Little Lanterns (Columbine)

Hydrangea Strawberries and Cream (Bigleaf Hydrangea Mophead)

Hydrangea Strawberries and Cream (Bigleaf Hydrangea Mophead)

Hydrangea Hanabi aka Shooting Star (Bigleaf Hydrangea Mophead)

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