Leonora Enking

Echinacea Green Twister (Coneflower) (2)

Hypericum Mystical Beauty (St. Johnswort)

Escallonia Red Dream (Escallonia)

Rosa Veilchenblau (Climbing Rose) (2)

Clematis tangutica (Clematis) (4)

Clematis Gillian Blades (Clematis)

Clematis Snowdrift (Clematis)

Sarcococca Dragon Gate (fragrant sarcococca)

Hydrangea Chantilly Lace (Panicle Hydrangea) (1)

Camellia Donation (Camellia) (8)

Camellia Donation (Camellia) (6)

Athyrium Okanum (Eared Lady Fern) (3)

Athyrium Branford Beauty (Japanese painted fern) (2)

Salix Britzensis (Willow) (7)

Rudbeckia Little Henry (Black-eyed Susan) (3)

Cornus Midwinter Fire (Dogwood) (14)

Cornus Midwinter Fire (Dogwood) (14)

Arctotis Ravers Cherry Frost (African daisy) (3)

Hosta Pacific Blue Edger (Hosta funkia august lily)

Aquilegia Crimson Star (Columbine) (2)

Acer Sango-kaku (Japanese Maple) (1)

Acer Crimson Queen (Paperbark Maple) (1)

Ceanothus Puget Blue (California lilac) (2)

Rosa Tropicana aka Tanor Star aka Super Star (Hybrid Tea Rose) (8)

Hosta Big Daddy (Hosta funkia august lily) (1)

Rosa Moody Blue (Tea hybrid Rose)

Eucomis Oakhurst (pineapple lily) (3)

Rosa Veilchenblau (Climbing Rose) (2)

Rosa Purple Tiger (Floribunda rose)

Philadelphus Frosty Morn (Mock orange)

Oenothera Sonnenwende (Sundrops) (4)

Callicarpa Profusion (Beautyberry) (3)

Callicarpa Profusion (Beautyberry) (1)

Prunus maackii (Manchurian cherry or Amur chokecherry) (5)

Prunus maackii (Manchurian cherry or Amur chokecherry) (1)

Mahonia Soft Caress (Oregon-grape) (4)

Brunfelsia Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (Lady of the Night) (1)

Lupinus Beefeater (Lupine)

Primula Gold Lace (Primrose) (1)

Polianthes The Pearl (Polianthes) (2)

Acer Shindeshojo (Japanese Maple) (1)

Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus (Byzantine gladiolus) (1)

Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus (Byzantine gladiolus) (1)

Geum Banana Daiquiri (Avens, Geum) (1)

Geum Banana Daiquiri (Avens, Geum) (1)

Heuchera Forever Purple (Coral Bells) (2)

Hebe Sutherlandii (Shrubby Veronica) (1)

Aucuba Rozannie (Spotted laurel, Japanese laurel) (2)

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