Jonathan Ward

One of only 120 Chartered Horticulturalists in Europe, as well as being a Committee member of the Garden Media Guild  the UK equivalent of the Garden Writers Association in the USA

Daphne Tichborne (Burkwood)

Daphne Tichborne (Daphnée)

Rosa Awakening (Shrub Rose) (1)

Rosa Awakening (Shrub Rose) (1)

Vinca Anna (Periwinkle) (5)

Lathyrus Solway Splendour (Sweet Pea) (2)

Malus Thomas Rivers (Apple tree) (6)

Malus Professor Sprenger (Crabapple) (3)

Pyrus Bergamote Esperen (Pear tree) (1)

Rudbeckia triloba (Black-eyed Susan) (21)

Rudbeckia triloba (Black-eyed Susan) (1)

Rudbeckia triloba (Black-eyed Susan) (1)

Rudbeckia subtomentosa (Black-eyed Susan) (19)

Pulmonaria Trevi Fountain (Lungwort) (2)

Pyrus Peradel Delbuena (Pear tree) (1)

Pyrus Peradel Delbuena (Pear tree) (2)

Malus Annie Elizabeth (Apple tree)

Polemonium Heaven Scent (Jacob's Ladder) (4)

Prunus Columnaris (Cherry) (5)

Prunus Sunburst (Cherry tree) (1)

Phlox Kimono aka Tamaongalei aka Candy Stripe (Phlox)

Verbena Magic Aztec Dark Pink (vervain)

Malus Frettingham's Victoria (Crabapple tree)

Malus Transparente de Croncels (Apple tree)

Pyrus Belle Julie (Pear tree) (1)

Pyrus Belle Julie (Pear tree) (1)

Rudbeckia Goldsturm (Black-eyed Susan) (3)

Pyrus Double De Guerre (Pear tree)

Malus Profusion (Crabapple) (4)

Malus Zari (Apple tree) (1)

Lathyrus Somerset Lady (Sweet Pea) (5)

Festuca Intense Blues (Blue fescue grass) (18)

Hamamelis Harry (Witch Hazel) (13)

Hamamelis Pallida (Witch Hazel) (1)

Pyrus Cascade (Pear tree) (4)

Verbena Voodoo Pink Star (vervain) (1)

Phlox Emerald Cushion (Phlox) (16)

Malus Victory (Apple tree) (20)

Malus Victory (Apple tree) (1)

Malus Victory (Apple tree) (1)

Magnolia Milky Way (Magnolia) (23)

Lathyrus Starlight (Sweet Pea) (1)

Geranium Ann Folkard (Cranesbill) (5)

Hedera colchica Sulphur Heart (English Ivy)

Magnolia Heaven Scent (Magnolia) (3)

Pyrus Concorde (Pear tree) (1)

Verbena Wicked Cool Blue (Verbena) (2)

Malus Galaxy Gala (Apple tree) (3)

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