Jacki Dougan

Clematis Superba (Clematis) (22)

Echinacea Fragrant Angel (Coneflower) (6)

Schizachyrium Prairie Blues (little bluestem Grass)

Wind chimes in a garden (Ornament) (1)

Acer Orange Dream (Japanese Maple) (7)

Acer Purple Ghost (Japanese Maple)

Primula Gold Lace (Primrose) (1)

Erythronium revolutum (mahogany fawn lily) (5)

Antennaria dioica (Pussytoes) (1)

Rosa Double Delight (Hybrid tea Rose) (4)

Spiranthes cernua (nodding lady's tresses) (1)

Rosa Joseph's Coat (Climbing Rose) (4)

Erythronium revolutum (mahogany fawn lily) (1)

Acer Orange Dream (Japanese Maple) (7)

Corydalis Blue Panda (Bird in the Bush, Fumewort) (1)

Armeria Rubrifolia (Sea Thrift) (5)

Blechnum penna-marina (deer fern)

Calycanthus Hartlage Wine (Sweet Shrub) (1)

Helleborus Winter Jewels Cherry Blossom (Lenten Rose) (10)

Clematis Niobe (Clematis) (5)

Clematis Lemon Chiffon (Clematis)

Clematis Rooguchi (Clematis) (23)

Aquilegia Nora Barlow (Columbine) (1)

Salix nakamurana var. yezoalpina (Willow) (1)

Betula Trost's Dwarf (Birch) (6)

Betula Trost's Dwarf (Birch) (3)

Betula Trost's Dwarf (Birch) (3)

Imperata Red Baron or Rubra (Japanese Blood Grass) (15)

Hakonechloa All Gold (Japanese Forest Grass) (1)

Hakonechloa All Gold (Japanese Forest Grass) (1)

Rosa Ora Kingsley (Shrub rose)

Iris Harpswell's Princess Karen (Iris sibirica)

Deutzia Magicien (Golden Deutzia) (1)

Clematis Sunset (Clematis) (4)

Clematis Sunset (Clematis) (7)

Gentiana andrewsii (Bottle gentian, Closed gentian) (4)

Penstemon pinifolius (Beardtongue) (4)

Erythronium revolutum (European Dog's Tooth Violet) (2)

Erythronium revolutum (European Dog's Tooth Violet) (3)

Primula Wanda and Guinevere (Primrose) (8)

Primula Wanda (Primrose) (10)

Primula Yellow Hose in Hose (Primrose)

Primula Cowichan Garnet (Primrose) (4)

Branches with fungal disease must be destroyed

Tractor with rototiller

Paeonia Garden Treasure (Peony) (7)

Paeonia Garden Treasure (Peony) (7)

Penstemon Red Rocks (Beardtongue) (3)

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