Ian Scroggy

Ian Scroggy, Professional Nurseryman specialising in Hostas, (Holder of one of the National Hosta Collections, UK), also growers of Agapanthus, Crocosmia, Dieramas and Rhodohypoxis.

Ulmus Wredei (Winged Elm)

Sidalcea Elsie Heugh (Prairie Mallow)

Paulownia tomentosa (Princess tree)

Hydrangea Quadricolor (Hydrangea)

Crinum Album (Red Bog Lilly) (3)

Hydrangea Merveille Sanguine (Hydrangea)

Hosta Fortunei Albopicta (Hosta funkia august lily) (1)

Heuchera Marmalade (Coral Bells) (3)

Crocosmia Emily McKenzie (Crocosmia, Montebretia) (2)

Crocosmia Orange Devil (Crocosmia, Montebretia)

Agapanthus Glacier Stream (Lily of the Nile African Lily) (1)

Blechnum spicant (deer fern) (1)

Agapanthus Tinkerbell (African Lily) (3)

Agapanthus Tinkerbell (African Lily) (1)

Agapanthus Tinkerbell (African Lily) (1)

Agapanthus Tinkerbell (African Lily) (1)

Lysimachia Alexander (Loosestrife) (2)

Lilium Pink Pixie (Lily)

Lilium Painted Pixie (Lily) (1)

Lilium Orange Pixie (Asiatic Lily) (2)

Lilium Monte Negro (Lily) (2)

Lilium Monte Negro (Lily) (1)

Lilium Lollypop (Asiatic Lily) (1)

Lilium Black Jack (Asiatic Lily) (1)

Lilium America (Lily) (1)

Lilium America (Lily) (1)

Hosta Fire and Ice (Hosta funkia august lily) (1)

Hosta Eternal Flame (Hosta funkia august lily) (4)

Heuchera Geisha's Fan (Foamy Bells) (2)

Eupatorium Chocolate (Joe Pye weed) (1)

Astrantia Snowstar (Masterwort) (7)

Astrantia Roma (Masterwort) (1)

Astrantia Roma (Masterwort) (1)

Astrantia Claret (Masterwort) (1)

Astelia Silver Spear (Silver Spear) (1)

Hosta Ivory Coast (Hosta funkia august lily)

Phormium Surfer (New Zealand Flax) (4)

Phormium Duet (New Zealand Flax) (1)

Phormium Amazing Red (New Zealand Flax)

Phormium Tricolor (New Zealand Flax) (1)

Hosta Dorset Clown (Hosta funkia august lily) (1)

Agapanthus Blue Magic (African Lily) (2)

Agapanthus Blue Magic (African Lily) (7)

Tulipe Monsella (Tulip) (3)

Hosta Fourteen Carats (Hosta funkia august lily)

Hosta Blue Flame (Hosta funkia august lily)

Tulipa Christmas Dream (Tulip) (3)

Hosta Happy Valley (Hosta funkia august lily) (1)

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