Doug Waylett

Doug Waylett was a retired geologist and interested in photographing nature especially plants, fungi, lichens and insects. He died beginning of January 2012

Achillea millefolium (Common Yarrow)

Achillea millefolium (Common Yarrow)

Clematis Purpurea Plena Elegans (Clematis) (3)

Clematis Purpurea Plena Elegans (Clematis) (3)

Coreopsis Sterntaler (Tickseed) (24)

Anemone multifida (Windflower) (1)

Sphaeralcea coccinea (scarlet globemallow)

Saxifraga Gregor Mendel (Saxifrage)

Prunus tomentosa (Nanking cherry) (1)

Prunus pensylvanica (fire cherry, pin cherry) (1)

Phalaenopsis Spider Beauty (orchid)

Lithospermum ruderale (Woolly Gromwell)

Heliopsis Summer Nights (False Sunflower) (3)

Geranium Laurence Flatman (Cranesbill)

Erigeron Pink Jewel (Fleabane)

Doronicum Little Leo (Leopard's Bane) (2)

Dianthus Double Clove Pink (Garden Pinks)

Solidago Golden Baby or Goldkind (Goldenrod)

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue (Pincushion) (6)

Rosa acicularis (Prickly rose, Wild rose) (2)

Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset (Black-eyed Susan) (1)

Saxifraga Winifred Bevington (Saxifrage)

Rosa Morden Fireglow (Floribunda rose) (8)

Pulmonaria Smokey Blue (Lungwort) (5)

Pulmonaria Dark Vader (Lungwort) (4)

Tanacetum or Chrysanthemum Tansy (Painted Daisy) (1)

Tanacetum or Chrysanthemum Tansy (Painted Daisy) (1)

Hepatica Rubra Plena (Liverwort) (5)

Hepatica Rubra Plena (Liverwort) (1)

Rosa Sexy Rexy (Floribunda Rose) (2)

Rosa Fragrant Memory or Jacdis (Hybrid tea Rose)

Paeonia obovata alba (Peony) (2)

Paeonia obovata alba (Peony) (1)

Heuchera Cherries Jubilee (Coral Bells) (1)

Iris Blue King (Iris Siberian) (1)

Iris Blue King (Iris Siberian) (1)

Lilium martagon var. albiflorum (Lily) (1)

Lilium Stargazer (Oriental Lily) (12)

Lilium Catherine the Great (Lily)

Lilium Suncrest (Asiatic Lily) (13)

Lilium Suncrest (Asiatic Lily) (1)

Lilium Dancing Eyes (Asiatic Lily) (1)

Lilium Tom Pouce (Lily) (6)

Dianthus Flashing Light or Leuchtfunk (Garden Pinks) (2)

Galium verum (Yellow Spring bedstraw) (1)

Dryas drummondii (Yellow Mountain Avens) (1)

Aster alpinus var. albus (Aster) (1)

Campanula Marion Fisher (Bellflower) (2)

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