Dave Demers

As a budding photographer and plant explorer, Dave Demers went scouting the chic Italian Riviera and the bushy Cape Veldt, Genghis's Khan's steppes and endless Tierradel Fuego, before setting roots on a mild West Coast.

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Kirengeshoma palmata (Waxbells) (1)

Cercidiphyllum Pendula (Katsura Tree) (8)

Panicum Shenandoah (Switch Grass, Panic Grass Ornamental Grass) (2)

Carex Evergold (Sedge Ornamental Grass) (17)

Alchemilla mollis (Lady's Mantle) (2)

Polemonium Purple Rain (Jacob's Ladder) (3)

Hibiscus Fireball (Hibiscus African Rose Mallow) (2)

Geranium Rozanne or Gerwat (Cranesbill) (6)

Carex Evergold (Sedge Ornamental Grass) (17)

Brunnera Jack Frost (Siberian bugloss) (3)

Cimicifuga Brunette (Bugbane Snakeroot) (1)

Acer Bloodgood (Japanese Maple) (13)

Helleborus Heronswood Double (Lenten Rose)

Agave Kichijokan (Agave cactus) (1)

Artemisia Powis Castle (Wormwood) (3)

Agave Blue Glow (Agave cactus) (1)

Myrica gale (Sweet gale) (2)

Sporobolus heterolepis (Short-scaled Dropseed Ornamental Grass) (1)

Ceonothus Dark Star (California lilac)

Pennisetum Prince (Pearl millet grass) (9)

Echinacea Ruby Silk (Coneflower) (4)

Sedum Red Cauli (Stonecrop) (1)

Hibiscus Fantasia (Hibiscus) (2)

Echinops exaltatus (Globe thistle)

Lavandula stoechas pedunculata (Lavender) (1)

Senecio serpens (Chalksticks) (2)

Arum italicum (Lords-and-Ladies)

Hakonechloa Albostriata (Japanese Forest Grass) (1)

Rodgersia pinnata (Rodgersia) (1)

Hippeastrum Belladonna (Amaryllis) (1)

Cynara cardunculus (Artichoke)

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