Christine Petersen

Christine Petersen. Photography has been my hobby for many years. There's nothing more inspiring than being close to nature while crawling around the garden on a summer day! Nowadays, keeping a photographic record of my garden has been important as tags disappear and I can't keep all that information in my head anymore!

Hemerocallis Roswitha (Daylily)

Hemerocallis Exotic Candy (Daylily) (1)

Rhododendron carolinianum (Rhododendron) (4)

Rhododendron carolinianum (Rhododendron) (2)

Buddleia or Buddleja Pink Delight (Butterfly Bush) (2)

Astilbe Fanal (Astilbe) (7)

Digitalis Gigantea Gelber Herold (Foxgloves)

Aronia Brilliantissima or Brillant (Red Chokeberry) (1)

Hemerocallis Spiritual Corridor (Daylily) (2)

Buddleia or Buddleja Lo and Behold Blue Chip or BlueHip (Butterfly Bush) (2)

Athyrium niponicum pictum (Japanese painted fern) (10)

Viburnum Winterthur (Smooth witherod) (1)

Viburnum Winterthur (Smooth witherod) (2)

Delphinium Pacific Giant Blue Bird or Bluebird (Larkspur) (4)

Buddleia or Buddleja Pink Delight (Butterfly Bush) (2)

Achillea Walther Funcke (Yarrow) (8)

Carex Ice Dance (Sedge Ornamental Grass) (14)

Geranium Rozanne or Gerwat (Cranesbill) (6)

Leptodermis oblonga (Leptodermis) (2)

Hydrangea Alice (Bigleaf Hydrangea Mophead) (7)

Hemerocallis Rosy Returns (Daylily) (2)

Viburnum Alleghany (Lantanaphyllum viburnum) (1)

Monarda Gardenview Scarlet (Bee Balm bergamot) (5)

Abelia Kaleidoscope (Abelia) (9)

Heuchera Vesuvius (Coral Bells) (3)

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Porcelainberry)

Lilium Acapulco (Oriental Lily) (2)

Physocarpus Summer Wine or Seward (Ninebark) (8)

Powdery mildew diseases on kalanchoe (Diseases) (1)

Hemerocallis Red Ribbons (Daylily) (3)

Water fountain in the middle of a flower bed (Landscaping) (1)

Water fountain in the middle of a flower bed (Landscaping) (1)

Thalictrum Album (Meadow Rue) (1)

Hemerocallis Tequila Sunset (Daylily) (4)

Hemerocallis Awesome Blossom (Daylily) (24)

Hemerocallis Woman At The Well (Daylily) (18)

Hemerocallis Promises Promises (Daylily) (21)

Lilium Red Hot (Oriental Lily) (5)

Camassia Alba (Camassia)

Muscari Golden Fragrance (grape hyacinth) (1)

Hemerocallis Moon Dazzle (Daylily) (3)

Viburnum dentatum (Arrowwood) (2)

Rosa Iceberg (floribunda Rose) (14)

Corydalis ochroleuca (Corydalis) (1)

Carex Oehme (Variegated Palm Sedge Ornamental Grass) (3)

Polygonatum Variegatum (Solomon's Seal) (2)

Polygonatum Variegatum (Solomon's Seal) (2)

Begonia grandis (Hardy begonia) (3)

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